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"Voznesenskaya"8(4932) 37-25-47
"Tourist"8(4932) 37-65-19
"Soyuz" (***)8(4932) 93-00-05

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Bank settlement account: 40702810800000000521 in CB "Ivanovo", Ivanovo.
Bank correspondent account: 30101810000000000705
BIC1): 042406705
TIN2): 3731016900
ACEB3) code: 14333, 14331
RCEO4): 10707775

1) - Bank Identifier Code 2) - Taxpayer Identification Number 3) - All-russian Classifier of Economy Branches 4) - Russian Classification of Enterprises and Organisations

CEO «Argo-Center» Igor Albertovich Kashmanov

Dear colleagues!

Under the crucial changes Russia suffered in 1991, when the system seemed to be on the brink of damage, new company STC (Scientific & Technical Center) «Argo» was born. Framework of the firm was built of specialists in microprocessor technology and this fact determined the vector of the company activity. When we united in order to survive, not to sink in muddy waters of the Reconstruction, we clearly understood that the most important capital of a company is people. Neither a dexterous executor nor a convenient «tool», but Creator and Designer are the skeleton of any company.

As I am a beneficiary, I suppose my compliments to the company (excuse me, already - group of companies) may be not impartial. The proper assessment is done by the Almighty Market. We will do our best for this mark to be top. We rely on your uncensorious attitude to our imperfections. Thanks in advance for your patience which is necessary to solve complicated problems.

We thank our regular customers and partners. We are always ready for new contacts and friendship with the whole world.
Let the harmony and prosperity go along with your beginnings.
Success be to your efforts!

Director General of «Argo-Center» Igor Albertovich Kashmanov

Since the firm was founded, it has evolved along development, producing and implementation of automatic systems of commercial accounting of power consumption, also known as advanced metering systems (AMS). Specialists of the company developed devices for complex accounting of heat and electric energy (multi-tariff), of hot and cold water and gas and arranged their serial production. The range of produced devices has reached more than 40 labels. Every unit is certified and included in Russian State Register of Metering Instruments. The devices are recommended for implementation in commercial metering skids by the main energy supervising agency of Russia.

In 1995 partnership was established between STC "Argo" and "Teplovodomer" company, Mytishchi. The special group for engineering and installation of heat energy commercial metering skids was created at the same year. Our specialists carry out all procedures from engineering to technical approval of a commercial metering skid, warranty and post-warranty maintenance.
Since 1997 we have accomplished the installation of polypropylene pipelines for hot and cold water supply.
Since 1998 we have maintained efficient collaboration with M.V. Frunze plant of Nizhny Novgorod. The group for installation of equipment for electric power consumption accounting along multi-optional tariff was established.
The group for engineering and installation of automatic heat and conditioning systems was founded in 1999.

At the beginning of the STC growth the installation squad, that complexly carry out operation of utility networks and inclusion of them to accounting systems, was formed. Explosive growth of amount of work and correspondent number of employees growth made it necessary to transform this squad in 2003 to independent organization "Argo Maintenance Center", LLC.
Trying to work not only with low-power objects, "Argo Maintenance Center" has been continuously upgrading the level of its projects. This growth led to outlet of the new branch - "Argo-Montage", LLC. in 2006, that works with installation and setting-up of medium- and high-power boilers.

Interaction of companies, which constitute "Argo" group, becomes more and more diversified, the level of problems to solve increases. In order to coordinate activity of this group members "Argo-Center", LLC was founded in 2007.
In 2000 the list of supported devices had an active growth thanks to development of business relations with such producers of metering equipment as "Teplomer", "Energiya", Kamstrup, "Logika", "Teplocom", "Vzlet", "Dinfo", "ASEN", "Elster Metronika". Since 2003 we have established partnership with «Incotex» company, in 2004 - "TBN Energoservis", "Zavod Electronika" "Integral" Minsk city, in 2005 - "Vostok-Sky", in 2007 - with "Energomera" corporate group, "MPS" firm, Bulgaria, in 2008 - with "Gosudarstvenny Ryazansky Pryiborny Zavod". The full list of metering equipment producers and their product range you can find on the page of supported devices SHC (Software & Hardware Complex) "ARGO: Energoresursi".

In accord with the fast growth of LED technologies popularity in Russia since 2009 "Argo" has established partnership with Lighting factory of Ivanovo "Electro", "Proton" factory from Kovrov, "Edvin" from Ryazan.
Every activity "Argo" is engaged in - designing, installation, setting-up, manufacturing of metering equipment, - is approved by the corresponding license.

Our openness let us develop strong connections with a great number of partners. Several of them became destination representatives of STC "Argo". In such a manner "Argo-Nizhny Novgorod", "Argo-Siberia", "Argo-Kazan", "Argo-Yaroslavl", "Argo-?yumen", "Argo-Kursk" were established. The full list of representatives you can find here Partners.

STC "Argo" continues to develop dealership network. The enterprise looks for potential partners either organization or individuals for the purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of energy saving applications. We provide our dealers with all necessary technical and promotional materials, also we arrange training courses for specialists. Today we collaborate with more than 50 partners in Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

You can find more about "Argo" company grouping structure here.